Hello! Thanks for your interest. I won't be taking on new projects except by referral until next Spring. Feel free to shoot me an email to get something on the books after that point in time. -Lori

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Digital media quality CD with no printing rights: $25 (this disc is included in the base package price for weddings)

Full-quality DVD with printing rights: $150 ($500 for weddings)

All session fees include:

• A pre-consultation with me either in person or over the phone. This always needs to be on location if your session will take place in your home.

• Images that are professionally-edited and artistically-enhanced. I am very experienced in eliminating any elements of pictures that might be distracting or aren’t letting you shine!

• An online viewing gallery that can be shared with whomever you wish. This gallery can be password-protected upon request.

• A printing consultation with me after your session is completed in which we view your photos and select which ones you would like to print. Online albums are guaranteed to stay online for four months, after which point they might be removed. Options for keeping your photos permanently are:

• A limited-rights CD perfect for social media with the images from your session is available for $25 (social media images are included in the base wedding package price). These images will be discreetly watermarked and are optimized for display on your computer desktop, phone, or other electronic devices. These images can be shared on social networking sites. These images are of digital display quality only and are not for printing.

• A DVD with printing rights is available for $150 ($500 for weddings). This will include a beautiful custom keepsake case and a DVD containing online-optimized images as well as full quality, print-rights images. I still advise printing through me for the highest quality and care for your prints, but you are free to print where you choose when you buy this option.

Prices are locked in for one month after initial booking after which point they are subject to change if needed.
Images I take during sessions may or may not be included on my photography blog, facebook site, or on my online portfolio. I reserve the right to reproduce or publish images. All images are copyright Elby Photography.

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